Crossing Lines Group March meeting

For the March edition of The Crossing Lines Group there were two presentations and a ramble.

Rosanna Goodchild kicked off the proceedings with a report on her recent work & the display of it at a recent show in Bristol. I write ‘show’ but it was the ‘partial’ show that was at the centre of her presentation. The content of Rosanna’s work is that of vulnerable street-sleepers. Rosanna has always been sympathetic and discreet in her photographing and the ethical aspects of her work are up front.

The gallery to which she had contributed her work (alongside that of other Bristolians) were less than inclusive in their curatorial practice & decidedly sniffy in their treatment of Rosanna’s work. This led to a discussion of how we might take charge of the circumstances of exhibitions of our work.

We moved on to the possibility of having a Crossing Lines excursion to Bristol: not to sort out the Bristolian curators but to use it as a location & backdrop for a walking seminar.

Anita Strasser provided us with an update/refocus of her current project in the Bavarian alps. The initial focus was placed upon the rock strata but the key to our understanding of the photographic selection Anita had made lay in the physical aspect of traversing this landscape.

Anita has written: This is a different take on my Stone Sea project, inspired by Tim Ingold‘s book Being Alive. I am going to share my thoughts on ‘landing the sea and sea-ing the land’, on walking on and in the land; the landscape and the weathered world; and the body.

There are no plans (yet) to arrange a Bavarian walking seminar for The Crossing Lines Group but Tim Ingold’s book itself is worth a diversion.

John Levett was to have given an update on the continuation of last year’s collaboration (An Archive of the Yet to Become) with Claire Reddleman. However, given the time constraints, John abandoned this plan & substituted a brief report on the initial stage of his dementia.

By the time John had got to the end of that there was no time left for the planned discussion on the future of The Crossing Lines Group so … next month we’ll start with how we do our stuff at Crossing Lines meetings & on distant shores.

That’s it folks!

John Levett

Convenor of The Crossing Lines Group

Images to follow

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