Crossing Lines March meeting

The March meeting was a strange affair in which more didn’t get done than did.

Rosanna Goodchild kicked off with a report on a recent exhibition event in Bristol. Rosanna has worked closely with street sleepers and work related to that had been submitted and exhibited. The discussion that followed was largely about the strutting curator of the exhibition and the flaffing about that came forth. There was a lot of sympathy on show from those who’ve had the experience of the Tsarist inclinations of the self-selected ones.

Anita Strasser gave us something different to what we might have expected. Researching the Stone Sea was the title and was inspired by Tim Ingold‘s ‘Being Alive‘.

Anita described (and illustrated) her experiences of mountain walking from hut to hut in the Bavarian Alps. The emphasis was upon the physical & also about stepping away from her trade-mark direct engagement with communities. This project was about looking inward & experiencing the physicality of the space that represented threat as well as engagement.

John Levett began to talk about sources of engagement for a fresh collaboration with Claire Reddleman & then became distracted. He concluded with a short ramble about the foothills of dementia & how it was beginning to affect his recall. His ramble got in the way of the last item on the programme which was to have been a discussion of the future trajectory of Crossing Lines. Another time.

John Levett

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