Putney meeting update – July 2017

Thank you all for coming and another cracker of a meeting, if you ask me. I thought the project theme was an excellent one and something we should repeat more often.

I started the meeting with a look at the winners from this year’s aerial photography competition, which included some spectacular pictures, many displaying a fabulous eye for creativity.

We then took a look at one of Simeon Quarrie’s blogs on lighting.. It’s only 4 minutes long and is well worth a look.

We then moved on to our theme of the month, a look at five of your best pictures from a project you are currently working on and what a delightful journey this turned out to be, from Juliette’s wonderful pictures of Gannets, John’s medal winning shots on a theme of ‘breathing in London’ and Tammy’s Spanish wildlife. Amongst all the pictures on show there were some real standouts, Bill’s car, Stefan’s ‘Blue London’, Julian’s personal take on Cartier-Bresson. My personal favourite was Ann’’s ‘flowing water’, which was almost like a painting, Monet anyone? Well done everyone; as I say a really good theme that we should repeat.

Juliette Wiles

Martin Conway

Bill Christie

Andrew Wilson

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

John Kelly

Ann Ulrick

Monireh Jassat

A special mention should go to Monireh for introducing us to some of the 22 gardens that can found within the City of London boundaries; so interesting did this turn out to be that I raised the thought that maybe this should be the focus of a group walk.

There was then just enough time to discuss this year’s exhibition, which given our success last year, I have pushed into November, so nearer Christmas, which will run 17-19 November.

There is no meeting in August and our next meeting will be Tuesday September 19th, where our theme will be ‘Travel’, most appropriate given the holiday season

All the best – AW

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