Putney Group September Update 2017

It was great to see everyone this week after the summer break. I started the meeting reviewing some of what has caught my attention over the past two months since we met: Some award winning RAF pictures; Some amazingly creative environmental pictures promoted by The Guardian (always a good source for photography); the Bird Photographer of the Year award winners (amazing stuff here, also from The Guardian), and then on to our theme of the month – travel and holidays.

We then looked at our own collections on the theme ‘Travel and Holidays’. As usual, there was a diverse array of material on show. What was particularly nice was that not everyone could get abroad, so took the opportunity to point their cameras nearer to home. Thanks everyone for contributing.

Andrew Wilson

Ann Ulrick

Bill Christie

Juliette Wiles

Leonard Caudrey

Martin Conway

Mike Connors

Mira Joshi

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Tim Poole

Finally – I made a point of reminding people that John kindly set up for us a Putney Flickr group and I think we should do him the honour of using it a bit more.

I also took the opportunity of again thanking Monireh for organising a fabulous outing in August, taking in the hidden gardens of the City of London – several members took the opportunity of going along, the weather was good (for a change) and all expressed how great it had been. If anyone else would like to organise something similar please don’t be shy.

Our upcoming exhibition will be in November (Friday 17th, 18, 19).

The meeting next month will be Tuesday 17th October and our theme, prompted by one of Mike’s pictures, is to use your skill with Photoshop and combine two images together (which he did so successfully with some rocks and the Milky Way, both requiring different shutter speeds and with the use of a tripod easy to do). For those without access to the software, a shot on the theme of ‘combined’ will more than cover it.

All the best, AW

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