Putney Group Update November 2017

Another excellent turn out this month and thank you all for coming. We started the meeting with a quick catch up on our exhibition, which had just closed and despite the odd hiccup, was considered our best yet. Especially from a photographic point of view, where the variety on show was excellent.

Before getting into our theme of the month, we took a look at the following links:

A look at photographs on a theme of Rooftops
Lewis Hine: The child labour photos that led to change

Our theme this month was ‘blue’ and it was gratifying to discover the lengths members had gone to, to cover this topic. For me, the stand outs were

Bill Christie’s window:

Juliette Wiles’ moving lady:

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux’s street scene:

Paul Rawkins’ ladies shoes:

And in particular Monireh Jassat’s Crayons, as they were part of a 5 ‘Blue’ set covering the senses, this one ‘creativity’:

Other images on the theme:

Tammy Marlar

Ann Ulrick

Andrew Wilson

Tim Poole

Mike Connors

John Kelly

We don’t have a meeting in December and the date of our next meeting will be January 16th 2018, where our theme will our favourite 5 pictures that we have taken since our November meeting.

It might not be December yet but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas
– all the best AW

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