Barnes Group Update November 2017

The LIP@Barnes group convened in November to share photos on the theme of Beauty. As usual, the standard of photography was very high with contributions from certain group members bordering on the incredible. Some of the highlights from the evening included an image from Paul Rawkins (perhaps the group’s most consistent contributor) of Beau the Cat enjoying some sunshine during a well-deserved catnap.

Another image from Alastair Wilson-Clarke, taken on Portobello road, presents a smiling Natalie (in tweed).

There were also some excellent photos from Philip Timms and Mike Connors (whose technical knowledge-ability astounded us all). Last but not least, group artist-in-residence Andrew Rapley’s incredible photographs astonished us again. The next meeting is scheduled for 14th December and the group is holding a local exhibition in March 2018.

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