Putney Group February Meeting

We began this month’s meeting with an idea fostered by Tammy and Andrew, namely, to help bolster members learning/progress it was thought that by ‘buddying’ up with another member, with similar interests, and on a monthly basis sharing photography/experiences and even trips would help. Andrew has been doing this with Tammy for some months now and has really seen his Macro work blossom. This is not a dictat, so down to member’s to engage only if they want to but Andrew was happy to facilitate this by gathering peoples interests etc. and letting everyone have a spreadsheet outlining members likes and dislikes, so that likeminded soles could get together if they so wished.
From my perspective, I enjoy Landscape, Architecture, Nature and outdoor Macro photography. If all those interested in joining in would like to let me have their interests, I’ll compile a sheet and let have everyone have a copy. It would then be down to you to take it further.
We then looked at some things I had discovered online over the past month – Winners from Kew – our congratulations to both Tammy and Juliette for being winners in this year International Garden Photography of the Year Competition, particular Tammy, who came second in the Kew category and even made it into their book! Happy Birthday today Tammy and have a great evening.
We then moved onto this month’s theme, Sport, which surprised many by being of a very high standard. No disrespect meant but this could have been a tough assignment. From my point of view, special mentions this month go to Paul (loved this shot on so many levels) and in particular Martin for his stunning river image, which had real energy about it!
Our next meeting will be on March 20th, so please put that in your diaries when our theme will be your take on  ‘A scene from a book’ (any scene, any book – Fifty Shades anyone!?). (Andrew Wilson)

Martin Conway

Paul Rawkins

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