Putney Satellite Group April 2018 Meeting

Heather Wansborough

Julian Newton

Leonard Caudrey

© Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux 2014

I started the meeting by bringing members up to date on the coordinators meeting that was held on the 16th of this month, chaired by Peter Luck. Let us hope that some good will come from it, it was certainly a positive thing to get us all together.
 I then presented some things that I had spotted on the internet in the past month. We then moved onto our theme of the month, silhouettes, which was again a good show – particular stand outs as far as the room was concerned would be Julian and Heather, nice ideas guys and a special mention should go to Stefan for a novel way of presenting his work – he posted 20 shots up on his Facebook page and got his friends to pick the best 5, clever and they chose well. Leonard’s was a cracker too!
 Our meeting next month will be on Tuesday 15th May, where our theme will be Campaigns or Campaigning – I would like everyone to present 5 images that best describe or back-up a cause they support or truly believe in. I hope this will be good. (Andrew Wilson).

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