Putney Satellite Group June 2018 Meeting

Tammy Marlar

John Kelley

Tim Poole

Bergina Leka

After our usual look at some interesting photos and videos from the web, we moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘small’ – small it might have been but some mighty efforts on the photographic front from everyone. My picks this month are John for his creativity, I liked Tim’s car and Tammy’s gorillas were just delightful and a worthy recent winner for ShareMondays2018 Twitter competition, which is held every week.
 I talked about our members day, which took place last Saturday and a fine event it turned out to be – I took a table to help answer questions about self-publishing and met some nice people. Bill, Bergina, Leonard and Ann came along, which was nice to see.
 Monireh reminded everyone about our next outing, Greenwich, and we now have a date for this, which is Sunday 22nd July. There is still time to get onto this if you wish, please contact Monireh for more information.
 Finally – our theme for July is your photographic interpretation of one of your favourite album covers.
 Our meeting this month is not to be missed, as Bergina has kindly agreed to give us the benefit of some of her PowerPoint masterclass on photography. I have seen some of it and was mightily impressed and I’m sure you will be too. (Andrew Wilson).

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