Central London Group July 2018 Meeting

The theme for the July meeting was Fitzrovia – that part of London between Bloomsbury and Marylebone. A diverse area famous for pubs and the Post Office Tower (yes we all still think of it as that) which has rich pickings for photographers.
Most of us walked around the area – some with greater degrees of planning and intention than others. Peter walked on a diagonal from North East to South West looking at urban space whilst Steve walked from Fitzroy Street to Percy Street to finish at the former meeting place of the Vorticists (now a Vietnamese restaurant).
Frankie caught the excitement of an England victory, Janet looked out for old buildings amongst all the new build and Alec gave us both interior and exterior shots of various buildings. Anna concentrated on what it felt like to return to the area after a period living abroad. Simon showed striking digital pinhole images of Goodge St and other near by streets and Mark showed a variety of buildings, including the Sainsbury Welcome Building, and street scenes.
We all enjoyed our various trips around the area and found completely new things as well as the ever present Tower.
Edith Templeton

Steve Jones

Janet Nabney

Peter Luck

Edith Templeton

Alec Wyllie

Simon Butcher

Frankie McAllister

In August there will be no meeting at the Art Workers’ Guild but at the last meeting it was agreed that we would have a day out on Canvey Island instead.
The day is Saturday 11th August. Rather than go around the island as a gang, we suggest each makes their own travel plan and we all meet up towards the end of the day to compare notes.
Trains depart from London Fenchurch Street station at xx.15 and xx.45 (taking about 45 minutes to Benfleet station). Slower trains (about 1 hour) depart at xx.25 and xx.55.
East Enders might find it more convenient to catch the train at Limehouse, West Ham or Barking a few minutes later (beware – no ticket office at West Ham).
From Benfleet station take bus 21 (on hour and half hour), 22 or 27 (on 15 minute intervals). For the Thames foreshore the 21 to Labworth Park. The others take a more inland route. Journey time about 15 minutes. Maps are available online.
The only pub I know on the island is at the extreme west end and badly placed for a meeting. I suggest the Labworth (modernist, circular, on the waterfront) as the meeting place. If we don’t like it we can always explore from there. Meeting time 5.30pm.
Peter Luck

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