LIP Putney August 2018 Meeting

James Kirkland

Matt Taylor

Andrew Wilson

Bergina Leka

Nigel Attenborough

We started our meeting with a trawl through my recent finds on the internet.
Our theme this month was ‘create your own version of your favourite album cover’ and as usual everyone went at it with gusto – for me the stand outs were Matt and his Nirvana cover and I enjoyed James’s Triptych (can you work it out?)
 We then moved onto our star turn; our member Bergina has put together a fantastic training course to help teach budding photographers, old and new, all about the history of photography and how to take a better picture.  Thoroughly researched and brilliantly put together, her trawl through some of what she has prepared (what we saw is just a small proportion of what she has) was a delight and again, I would love to thank her for coming and for entertaining us so royally.
 Our next meeting will be on Tuesday September 18th at 7.30, where our theme will be ‘geometry’ (or the art of creating shapes in your pictures, whether using the light or the local topography or a combination of the two), and as usual I’d be grateful if you could let me know if you can make it along – all the best (Andrew Wilson).

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