LIP Greenwich September 2018 Meeting

A very varied session opened with Tony Mallett’s b&w photos of Dungeness and Romney Marsh, mostly taken in winter and strongly evocative of the openness and strangeness of the area. His on-screen presentation was followed by viewing a set of immaculate prints.

Kathryn Alkins brought some more studies of the north Wales mountains before launching into a series of experiments with very deliberate camera movements in which the observed scene was transformed into a rhythmic abstraction, the origin not lost but transformed.

After a short break we discussed Peter Luck’s mock-up of a possible means of presenting his cross-London walk project as a gallery installation. And then saw again Tony Othen’s photos of Ted Hughes, now having been seen in public at a conference of Hughes scholars where they elicited a wide variety of reactions from a sense of welcome revelation to hostility via indifference among those to whom only the word matters.

We finished with Dmitri Stepanenko showing scenes from a recent visit to Istanbul. The well-known monuments were absent; these were shots of the life of the city, some of them taken at night, all with the strong colour we have come to expect from Dmitri. All in all a very good session. Peter Luck

Tony Mallet

Kathryn Alkins

Tony Othen

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