LIP Greenwich October 2018 meeting

Chris Burke

Barry Cole

Temitope Ifekoya

Jon Davies

Dmitri Stepanenko

We kicked off with a set of strong B&W photos by Chris Burke. These were a study of a non-touristic area of Seville where Chris had once lived and now saw it beginning to gentrify. Barry Cole followed with studies of the faces of flamenco dancers also from Seville. The first half of the evening finished with landscape photos of Iceland from Temitope Ifekoya; for some of us perhaps the first sight of the strange moss-grown lava fields.

After a short break Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux made his last presentation to us before leaving the country: a rather globe-trotting collection of early colour prints from the 1970s (and a few reminiscences of equipment used – a rarity in our discussions), then back to B&W from Jon Davies who has been documenting the quiet spread of Bitcoin ATMs in the shabbier parts of London. And lastly, more from Dmitri Stepanenko: vivid colour studies of life in Odessa, once his home town. Another good session. (Peter Luck).

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