LIP Putney October 2018 meeting

Matt Taylor

Heather Wansbrough Jones

John Kelly

Good to see everyone this month and another full house.We started the meeting with my regular trawl through what I’ve seen over the last month and has impressed me. We then discussed our upcoming annual exhibition. As we don’t have a meeting in December, Matt suggested that we perhaps should organise a social at say The Red Lion in Barnes before Christmas, which seemed to go down well. 
Our meeting was tinged a with a little sadness in that it was Stefan’s last as he is leaving the UK for Portugal and everyone wished him the best of luck.
 We then moved onto our theme of the month, which was a ‘Splash of Colour’ as inspired by the BBC and what a bright selection we got – the stand out’s for the night were probably Matt’s, certainly going by the all-round reaction and Heather’s towers.. There was also much talk of what John had done, combining several images to create something rather lovely.
 Before bringing the meeting to a close, Andrew suggested that our theme next month should be ‘Sequence’. Our November meeting will be at 7.30 on Tuesday 20th, just after our exhibition, which will allow us time to consider how things went. (Andrew Wilson).

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