LIP Greenwich November 2018 meeting

Barry Cole

Norman Smith

Carol Kenna

Tony Othen

We might have approached the evening with some trepidation: no-one had booked a formal slot for presenting work. Nevertheless four did show and the presence of several new members sparked a fruitful discussion that started with introductions and took off into statements and questions about how we each approach photography.
The four were Barry Cole with a set of photos of the varying uses people have found for the Thames foreshore; Norman Smith with a set taking a somewhat sideways look at urban Egypt; the welcome return of Carol Kenna contemplating the interactions between people, buildings and interiors; and a new selection of images from Tony Othen’s social documentary work in 1970s England.
Finally we began to plan next year’s Greenwich Annuale. It will be held over the last two weeks of June and it was agreed that each participant should be able to show two images. The show is open to Greenwich LIP members and friends from other LIP groups. All other details still to be decided. Peter Luck

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