LIP Greenwich February 2019 meeting

Barry Cole

Teresa Levitt

Kathryn Alkins

Teresa Levitt showed a new selection of her GoPro photos of people on tube trains now gathered into a short selection of diptychs each featuring one person in both images, an answer to questions of selection raised a month ago.
Dmitri Stepanenko had been walking through SE Asian cities, producing colourful, crowded images of street life
In contrast Judy Harrington had produced landscapes from a winter voyage up the coast of Norway, many almost monochrome, some taken by moonlight, all capturing a strong atmosphere.
Alan Larson showed a set of just five prints which successfully gave both atmosphere and process of quarrying and cutting slabs of marble at a quarry in Sicily.
In a brief intermission, we discussed street photography – mostly the ethics of ‘in-yer-face’ work, prompted by a book Norman Smith had brought in, and the work of Don McCullin prompted by Tony Mallet showing the catalogue from the current Tate exhibition (essential viewing).
Kathryn Alkins showed further development of her technique of deliberate camera shake applied to coastal and estuary landscapes. Movements are now fitted to particular subjects and the results increasingly painterly.
Barry Cole closed with two sets of photos recording the effects of changing light colour: one from the long illuminated tunnel at Kings Cross tube and the other from a fashion exhibition at Somerset House. Peter Luck

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