LIP Greenwich April 2019 Meeting

Jon Davies

Dmitry Stepanenko

Alan Larson

Jennifer Roberts

Shaun Waller

After the March meeting we had hoped Jon Davies would bring his Pollution project back for closer examination. This he did, showing some of the single images which he had used in making the composites seen last time (and again this time). These singles bore statistics on particulate concentrations at their locations. The figures came from research conducted at King’s College Environmental Research Group and Jon is now collaborating with King’s. The project will be exhibited at West Greenwich Library from 13th May to 15th June daily except Wednesdays and Sundays.
Dmitry Stepanenko followed with a set of images taken amid orthodox Jewish Purim celebrations in Israel. For most, perhaps all, of us this was a glimpse into the un-suspected. Dmitry’s usual careful composition was set aside for a closer, more direct approach in the midst of a day of fancy-dressed children and rather drunken adults.
Alan Larson had accepted a club challenge to photograph the Gherkin and had resolved to work on long views from Tower Hamlets. The result was a set of images contrasting the social housing areas with the distantly seen Gherkin. Debate ranged around the question of how to avoid cliches of suggested deprivation and how one can bring the intentions of such work into sharper focus.
Jennifer Roberts, usually a most urban photographer, brought images of the east Pyrenean landscape, first looking into suggestions of spaces and then closely at surfaces of rock, moss and vegetation.
Shaun Waller showed a brief video sequencing images of Lewisham Park, concentrating on blossoms though he spoke mostly of the development history of the park and the surrounding housing. There was feeling in the group that it would be interesting to see the two approaches brought together.
Carol Kenna added a brief sampler of mural work, some from her own Greenwich Mural Workshop, advertising the forthcoming exhibition For Walls with Tongues which will be at the University of Greenwich Project Space from 10th to 30th May.
Tony Othen closed a very varied session with an appeal for proposals for the Greenwich Performs season in October. Peter Luck

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