Central London Group July 2019 Meeting

This month’s subject was “the mundane” which showed how close looking can reveal the extraordinary in even the most ordinary subjects.

There was an emphasis on the domestic with close ups of objects which form part of the early morning routine – a tooth brush, a soap dish – and paint peeling on a garage door, a roll of wrapping paper shot with very shallow depth of field. We also saw shadows in a garden on a hot summer’s day as well as the normally hidden parts of a show garden – the compost heap and the lawn mower store. Staying outdoors we had pictures of people in parks and scenes of people living their lives in cafes and on the streets of Athens.

The overlooked beauty in nature and in natural materials also featured. We saw images of a nature reserve through the seasons which proved that although greenery is ubiquitous in this country, the variety hidden fungi and insects means that it is never mundane. Similarly, dry stone walls and slate roofs are common but are intricately made and full of texture and colour.

There will be no meeting in August – we shall have a trip to Margate – and the next meeting is on 11th September at the Art Workers’ Guild, Queens Square as usual.
Edith Templeton

Edith Templeton

Simon Zebu

Frankie McAllister

Sue Czapska

Steve Jones

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