Crossing Lines September 2019 meeting

This first meeting of the reconstituted group was devoted entirely to discussing the group’s past and future. Past, to give an idea to new members what the group is about. Future, to review possibilities for the group’s activities.

Those present included Paul Halliday, founder and course leader of the Goldsmiths Photography and Urban Cultures MA, Gill Golding, now a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths and an ex-Chair of LIP, three new and several long-standing members. The meeting opened with extended introductions, each of us outlining our relevant interests, and went on to decide on some practicalities, and the plan for the next meeting.

It was agreed that the group will keep to the same remit as it had before: the interface of photography and concern for the urban condition in all its aspects with a strong interest in the development of relevant theory – as it affects our practice or as it develops from it.

The scope of future activities will include regular sessions presenting ideas or projects at any stage of development, including the earliest tentative thoughts, with occasional guest presenters and the possibility of group projects.

The group will continue meeting in Goldsmiths and return to its former pattern of meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from November onwards. It is hoped/expected that a number of the new intake of students on the PUC course will join the group. The linkage with Goldsmiths also links the group with the Urban Photographers Association and the Urban PhotoFest. It is likely that the group will be invited to contribute to the next iteration of the PhotoFest.

The second meeting will be on Wednesday 6th November and will be devoted to brief presentations from as many as want to give, plus a round-up of suggestions for future speakers and for an early group project. Later meetings are likely to be a bit more structured.

A reminder will be published, with room details, nearer the time of the meeting. Peter Luck

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