LIP Putney October 2019 Meeting

Nigel Attenborough

Andrew Wilson

John Kelly

Andrew Rapley

Sue White

Thank you to all for coming to our latest meeting, despite the dodgy weather and a big welcome to both new members this month.
I started the meeting with a look at a couple of picture collections that had caught my eye over the past month and then had an update on our exhibition. I have sent out a separate email regarding this.  
We moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘quirky’ and it certainly lived up to its name, with some truly offbeat images – I particularly liked Nigel’s and John’s was extremely clever.
As for our theme for next time, Juliette kindly put forward a really inspired idea (influenced by the World Cup and the graphics that ITV have used) – ‘Ma’ is one of the symbols and she tells us that it means ‘The space between objects is as important as the objects themselves’. So for next time could members please bring along five images based upon this idea – since our meeting she has sent me this link, which gives a little more background to this.
Juliette – “Thought it might be helpful to share the short video of the Japanese sayings, so as everyone can get a sense of where the idea originated and an understanding of the concept”.
Our meeting next month will be on Tuesday 19 November. Andrew Wilson

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