LIP Greenwich October 2019 Meeting

© Barry Cole

© Barry Cole

© Chris Burke

© Peter Luck

© Kathryn Alkins

© Norman Smith

A very varied evening. Barry Cole started the evening off with a brief sequence of people making strange shapes in their efforts to restrain or push over the tower in Pisa.
Peter Luck and Chris Burke then each showed a response to Margate. Both showed aspects of the decay of the town and a little of its beginning revival. Plenty of reason to go back.
Barry returned with a set of digital prints from b&w analogue negatives and a lot of questions, some of which we may have answered.
Kathryn Alkins then showed a new set of her intentional camera movements – rather calmer results form a slower exposure and lesser movements – but still persuasive.
Sabes Sugunasabesan showed six b&w images each composed with triple exposures, and opened a discussion of the potential for landscape imagery to reflect the photographer’s state of mind.
Lastly, Norman Smith had taken a rainy walk in Camden Town and found it rather changed.
In closing, the question was raised whether an occasional themed meeting would be possible – with the theme taken from a set proposed by one photographer for detailed discussion and others invited to add their own images/thoughts.Peter Luck

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