Crossing Lines December 2019 meeting

We began with an attempt at illustrating the progress towards the destruction of Robin Hood Gardens, a project which has intermittently absorbed Peter Luck since taking part in related Transition Group exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. Some discussion ensued on both the vexed question of changes in tenure (social rent vs market – from the past project to the replacement) and of the use of a black and white aesthetic.

Michael Scott showed images from an on-going project, also mostly b&w, on the fate of the phone box, some barely used, others unusable and all bearing traces of passing users or commercial appropriation.

Tony Nicholls followed with a set of street observations.

Mo Greig ended the session with two projects. First she showed a rough of an intended zine on the theme of the occurrence of paedophilia in the Catholic church, drawing largely on photos of devotional artworks, and sought comments on the strength of certain images. Second, she drew attention to the problem of producing meaningful images of the Irish border where it is rarely visible and traces of the Troubles are few. If, or when, an answer to this appears it will add to Mo’s series of images made at much more evident borders in eastern Europe.

Peter Luck

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