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Barnes Group November Update

The Barnes satellite group met on 29th November to share photos on the theme of portrait/landscape. As usual, the standard of photography was excellent and the group is taking strides towards exhibiting for the first-time in the local area. Our favourites included: Enough by Paul Rawkins, a unique portrait by perhaps the group’s most consistent […]

Barnes Satellite Group October Meeting

Space and Time was the theme for the October meeting of the Barnes branch of LIP. As usual, members daringly took on the subject matter with often spectacular results. Our favourites of the evening included these: Mission Control by Paul Rawkins, a meditative piece in blue by one of our most consistent contributors Brompton Cemetery […]

Barnes Group – September Report

The LIP satellite group in Barnes met up for September to share photos on the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. As ever, the standard of photography was very high and, with each meeting, it seems that the bar is being set ever higher. Our favourites of the evening included these: Canal Tunnel by Paul Rawkins, […]

Barnes Satellite Group July Update

The LIP satellite group based in Barnes held their first technical session on Tuesday 26th July in the presence of Robin Segulem, the group’s satellite liaison. Thanks in part to Robin’s expertise, we were able to develop a basic understanding of the technical aspects of photography. Amongst the photos presented during the evening was this […]

Barnes Satellite Group June Update

LIP’s newest satellite group, based in Barnes, convened on Tuesday 28th June to share photos on the theme of ‘People’. We found that photography can be a process of making new discoveries and our favourite photo of the evening, taken by Andrew Rapley and titled ‘Reincarnation’, reflects this. This photo depicts a young Buddhist man […]