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Central London Group February Meeting

“Hidden” gave rise to a vast number of interpretations: some objects and sights were deliberately concealed while others were simply obscured from view. Man-made objects such as walls, hoardings and chain-linked fences prevent inquisitive eyes from looking at the structures behind: expensive mansions and the Eiffel Tower, or derelict buildings and neglected spaces [Steve, Alec, […]

Central London Group January Meeting

The topic for this evening’s meeting was “Own Projects”. Some members concentrated on possible images for the upcoming LIP Central exhibition, with Krystina offering advice and encouragement. Some common approaches emerged such as the use of multiple images and camera movement: Frankie’s selection of portraits for her book “Two Way Mirror”, Jan with his images […]

Central London Group December Meeting

Our December meeting, with the theme Abandoned, produced a fine selection of buildings – factories, an RAF station, a hospital, a football ground, the Berlin Wall, boats and piers – in various states of ruin, decay and dilapidation as well as a plethora of items lost or discarded in the street – supermarket trollies, shoes, […]

Central London Group November Meeting

Here is a selection from last month’s meeting where the theme was Shadow…. Jim Paterson Frankie McAllister Steve Jones Dorota Boisot Janet Nabney Austin Guest Simon Zebu Edith Templeton Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, […]

Central London Group October Meeting

The annual books session. Most of us bring books which have been some influence on us or have given interest or pleasure. Some bring their own book works. This time we had one clutch of family albums, a set of meticulously made pop-up books and a book meditating on the strangeness of a decaying house […]