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Central London Group July Meeting

This month’s subject was “the mundane” which showed how close looking can reveal the extraordinary in even the most ordinary subjects. There was an emphasis on the domestic with close ups of objects which form part of the early morning routine – a tooth brush, a soap dish – and paint peeling on a garage […]

Central London Group June Meeting

The theme for the June meeting was “triumph and disaster” with a mix of the upbeat, the whimsical and the more serious. Alex showed a number of botanical disasters including a hedge blighted by the box caterpillar and some dying trees in Epping Forest. This showed that not all disasters are man-made. However, Kathryn’s pictures […]

Central London Group May Meeting

The topic for our May meeting was current projects. These included long term projects which had been in development for years and which were still going and shorter term one-off projects which were now complete. Chris showed a series of images about the rubbish which accumulates in telephone boxes – many old phone boxes now […]

Central London Group April Meeting

The subject for our April meeting was Suburbia. The images on display showed that suburbia is not necessarily conservative or conformist (although it can appear that way with rows of similar houses and identikit streets). As well as the parks and stolid Victorian villas are gardens with mazes, still lives of random domestic objects and […]

Central London Group March Meeting

The topic for our March meeting was Family, something close to everyone’s heart. Whether looking inwards to our own families or casting our gaze out into the wider world at other people’s, there was a wide range of interpretations. There were quite a few unposed images taken of people in family groups in the public […]