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Central London Group November Meeting

Last month we shared and discussed books that have influenced us – mostly photography books but also some novels which motivated us in the making of particular photographs – eg. George Orwell’s 1984 inspired a series of photographs on the theme of surveillance. There was a wide selection of material on show which reflected the […]

Central London Group October Meeting

The theme for our October meeting was “Off”. Although it had initially perplexed many of us when it was suggested, the theme elicited thoughtful and intriguing images. Amongst the ideas on display were going “off” as straightforward leave taking as shown in images of a house just before the owner went into a nursing home. […]

Central London Group September Meeting

The theme for our September meeting was “vintage”. As ever there were a wide variety of interpretations – clothes, cars even people can be vintage. There was a bit of debate as to how old something had to be to qualify as vintage but in the end we decided that it was simply as old […]

Central London Group August 2018 Meeting

Instead of our normal meeting at the Art Workers’ Guild, our group organised a photo trip for the month of August. Canvey Island was the destination. Most of us who made the trip had never visited before so it was a bit of an adventure, getting the train from Fenchurch Street and alighting in the […]

Central London Group July 2018 Meeting

The theme for the July meeting was Fitzrovia – that part of London between Bloomsbury and Marylebone. A diverse area famous for pubs and the Post Office Tower (yes we all still think of it as that) which has rich pickings for photographers. Most of us walked around the area – some with greater degrees […]