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Crossing Lines March meeting

The March meeting was a strange affair in which more didn’t get done than did. Rosanna Goodchild kicked off with a report on a recent exhibition event in Bristol. Rosanna has worked closely with street sleepers and work related to that had been submitted and exhibited. The discussion that followed was largely about the strutting […]

Crossing Lines Group March meeting

For the March edition of The Crossing Lines Group there were two presentations and a ramble. Rosanna Goodchild kicked off the proceedings with a report on her recent work & the display of it at a recent show in Bristol. I write ‘show’ but it was the ‘partial’ show that was at the centre of […]

Crossing Lines February meetup

John Levett kicked off the session with some reflections on photography and ageing. John is in his seventy-third year & bits are beginning to fall off. The choice of subject was appropriate as John had just been reacquainted with his camera which he thought he had lost somewhere near the LIP AGM a couple of […]

Crossing Lines Group December meetup

One of the great things about collaborations is that you get to meet a load of people for whom you’d never normally cross the street to say ‘Hello’. This month The Crossing Lines Group acted as hosts for a collection of Brighton photographers who had taken it upon themselves to create an On-the-sands photographic exhibition. […]

Crossing Lines Group November meeting

At the Crossing Lines November meeting Tamara Stoll gave her first presentation to the group. Tamara is based in Leipzig and London and presented work-in-progress from her current project in Ridley Road Market. Tamara writes: Ridley Road is a street and a market. The temporary structures and unofficial architecture of market stalls and shops convey […]