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LIP Greenwich May 2019 Meeting

Barry Cole started the evening off with a set of photos of the fantastic multi-coloured garden structures made by an almost-neighbour in Catford. We then moved on to a presentation and discussion of Sarah Hickson’s photos taken as a contribution to a literary festival in Kolkata. The festival had taken as a theme ‘Writing Places’ […]

LIP Greenwich April 2019 Meeting

After the March meeting we had hoped Jon Davies would bring his Pollution project back for closer examination. This he did, showing some of the single images which he had used in making the composites seen last time (and again this time). These singles bore statistics on particulate concentrations at their locations. The figures came […]

LIP Greenwich March 2019 meeting

A very varied meeting. Peter Luck showed a series of B&W photos of the baroque church of St Paul in Deptford and was questioned as much on the architecture as the photography. Kathryn Alkins had been fascinated by the forms, patterns and light of the Thames mud exposed at low tide at Erith. Steven Gosling […]

LIP Greenwich February 2019 meeting

Teresa Levitt showed a new selection of her GoPro photos of people on tube trains now gathered into a short selection of diptychs each featuring one person in both images, an answer to questions of selection raised a month ago. Dmitri Stepanenko had been walking through SE Asian cities, producing colourful, crowded images of street […]

LIP Greenwich January 2019 meeting

Barry Cole opened the session and umbrellas, many of them, showing seas of them and the almost private space under a brolly. Some discussion of how to limit and focus a large accumulation of material gathered over several years. Teresa Levitt showed a selection of her GoPro photos of people on tube trains in which […]