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LIP Putney November 2019 meeting

Good to see everyone last Tuesday and we finally have sound, yay! I started the meeting by showing an AV that our eldest member, Leonard, had kindly shared with us. Leonard has a particular skill with this kind of thing and for this he had cleverly matched together a selection of photographs he had taken […]

LIP Putney October 2019 Meeting

Thank you to all for coming to our latest meeting, despite the dodgy weather and a big welcome to both new members this month. I started the meeting with a look at a couple of picture collections that had caught my eye over the past month and then had an update on our exhibition. I […]

LIP Putney September 2019 Meeting

Good to see everyone after the summer break and what a lovely week its just been; however, no excuse today over the minutes as no sunshine to entice me out with my camera.  I started the meeting with a look at some award winning pictures ‘30 award-winning nature photos that will make you fall in […]

LIP Putney July 2019 Meeting

Good to see everyone at our second meeting at The Coach & Horses, which I think is going to turn out to be a fine venue. Sorry about the sound, I will check on that, as there surely should be some.  I started the meeting by reminding everyone that there’s still a couple of weeks […]

LIP Putney June 2019 Meeting

Good to see so many of you last night and I personally felt that the new venue worked really well. I was a little afraid that we might lose an element of the ‘homely’ feel that my house engendered but I didn’t feel that was the case – could be the number that we had […]