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LIP Putney October 2018 meeting

Good to see everyone this month and another full house.We started the meeting with my regular trawl through what I’ve seen over the last month and has impressed me. We then discussed our upcoming annual exhibition. As we don’t have a meeting in December, Matt suggested that we perhaps should organise a social at say The […]

LIP Putney September 2018 Meeting

I started the meeting with my usual array of ‘finds’ from the internet and was particularly taken by film director Wim Wenders discussing the role of photography in the modern age – its less than a couple of minutes long but quite powerful and worth a look. We then had a brief discussion regarding the […]

LIP Putney August 2018 Meeting

We started our meeting with a trawl through my recent finds on the internet. Our theme this month was ‘create your own version of your favourite album cover’ and as usual everyone went at it with gusto – for me the stand outs were Matt and his Nirvana cover and I enjoyed James’s Triptych (can […]

Putney Satellite Group June 2018 Meeting

After our usual look at some interesting photos and videos from the web, we moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘small’ – small it might have been but some mighty efforts on the photographic front from everyone. My picks this month are John for his creativity, I liked Tim’s car and Tammy’s […]

Putney Satellite Group May 2018 Meeting

The theme this month was to illustrate a ‘Campaign’ close to your heart, so for me for instance, it was The Queen’s new Tree Canopy idea and I illustrated this with some local pictures of trees that I am fond of or have a direct reference to the Queen. As usual people went far and […]