Film and Darkroom Group

Our primary purpose is to create a forum for traditional analogue photography – to promote the use of film and darkroom printing and to discuss and share all the inherent skills and techniques that go with it! The group has varying levels of experience – from members who have been using darkrooms for literally decades, to those who are just starting out on the analogue journey and are keen to learn the skills of film and darkroom photography.

Contact: Ted Kinsey

Meeting: The meetings are from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. The meeting days vary month to month, but are either on a Monday or Wednesday, usually in the second week of the month. There is currently a charge of £4 per meeting to cover the room hire.

Meeting place: The Octavia Room, St John’s Church, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

An update
From our inaugural meeting in January this year, we now have nearly 30 LIP members registered to the group. From these 30, there is probably a core membership of 15 or so who regularly come or apologize for absence. Our group was ‘announced’ on the FADU (Film & Darkroom User) Forum website in late April, and from this we picked up three new LIP and F&D group members – two of which I’m sure will become regulars. We hope this inflow will continue….

Financially we are sound… still charging just £3 per meeting, and we have a balance of £64. Our room hire has just gone up from £36 per 2 hour meeting to £42 so still manageable. The room is booked ahead until November ’19 at present.

Our future activities include in-darkroom tuition for some beginners…. in August the start of our own photo-walk project on the South Bank… and we are organising a Film and Darkroom Seminar as part of the LIP Annual Exhibition at Espacio in October.

The core members have already started to gel. One of the ‘alternative’ process members is producing Cyanotype paper for a few members to experiment with… and unwanted darkroom equipment has being given to the ‘starters’ by some ‘experienced’ members. We have also set up a Google Group online forum for our group members to connect with each other between our monthly meetings.

It’s all very good, so far! Ted Kinsey

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