Fran Minien: The Viewpoint, in New York

    photo by Fran Minien

    This body of work explores a still life approach to beautiful viewpoints of the world and the tools that facilitate the view. The photographer enjoys the irony of the ‘viewfinder’, its suggestion that looking through the telescope, but not just open your eyes and admire. These Photographs evolve into a metaphor of how human kind is blinded by technology and the capture of the view, when were you able to last see a beautiful sight or viewpoint and simply take in with the naked eye and admire!? Typically life’s experiences are captured via some technical tool of the digital age to be remembered, but what of the memory and feeling of the moment, have we swapped our own memories for that of a memory stick?

    Runs September 1 – October 2, 2009
    Open Wednesday to Sunday 1 to 6pm

    Soho Photo Gallery
    15 White Street
    New York, USA 10010

    Subways: #1 to Franklin Street or the A, C, E, W, N, R or #6