Karolina Dudek: The Dead Crow; Eleven Months of Evidence

    photo by Karolina Dudek

    A series of photographs of a dead crow taken intermittently over eleven months, and is still in progress. It is a journey through the different stages of the decomposing crow, drawing on the inevitable fact that there is one certainty in life, annihilation. Within her work, Dudek explores the unique ability of photography to see both in realistic and allegorical terms, communicating its message by means of symbolic representation of a memory or a feared possibility. Photography and how you interpret it, exists outside the image, and is influenced by ones social and institutional experiences. By juxtaposing two dimensions photography with installation, Dudek creates a fascinating new possibility for her work by combining gallery space with the ‘reality’ presented within the pictures. The triangle between these opposing forces; meaning, the gallery space, and reality, blur the borders and allow her audience to reach into new realms of interpretation.

    Runs September 7-12, 2009
    Private view September 10th, 7pm

    Open Mon-Wed, 5.30-11pm; Thur 5.30pm-2am (unless otherwise stated)

    Art’s Bar
    25a Camberwell Church Street
    London SE5 8TR

    Bus; 12, 176, 36, 453