Mark Denton & Carolyn Lefley: A Place Like Home

    A Place Like Home flyer

    LIP members Mark Denton and Carolyn Lefley are exhibiting along with Ewa Bialek, in this East London Photomonth 2009 show.

    ‘A Place Like Home’ brings together the work of three photographers who make work about memory and home. Ewa Bialek’s ‘In Between’ explores the familiarity that she lost with her Polish homeland whilst living in London. Ewa photographs spaces of her past, which have become unfamiliar, leaving the artist with a sense of loss. Similarly, a quest for a place to belong is pictured Carolyn Lefley’s work ‘Belonging’. Set within the make-believe world of the dark and somehow uncanny bedrooms of a doll’s house, Carolyn’s empty and neglected miniatures groan with implicit memories and a sense longing for home. Mark Denton shows his new work ‘Domestic’, in which the familiar and anodyne spaces of home become transformed into unsettling tableaux of suburban crisis. Rich in symbolism, Mark’s images function as dark visual allegories in which ‘home’ becomes a psychological space not of comfort and retreat but of disquiet and encounter.

    Opening night: October 7, 6–9 pm
    Runs October 7-11, 2009 from 4.30–9pm daily

    Free admission

    The Foundry
    86 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL
    Telephone no: 020 7739 6900
    Nearest tube: Old Street