Christian Alegria in Metamerism

    Christian Alegria exhibition

    me•tam•er•ism: The relation to two colors and their relation under different light sources, the capability of humans, to recognise different colours and their relation under different lightcolours.

    The mediums of photography, painting, graphic design and film are brought together to explore various states of mind and perspectives of the individual. Whether through light or the graphic line the individual is explored and questioned against a background of social and geographical change encompassed by debates within the contemporary arts. As a group of international emerging artists working in London, each has been provided with a multitude of personal experience from which to draw upon. Further still, their various personal and cultural backgrounds have superimposed what could be described as an already unique geographic location to create new and distinctive visions. Their desire to collaborate with artists outside of their own practice is central to their drive and forms the basis for this exhibition. By crossing other practices the group wishes to not only use the gallery as art space, but as a creative environment to engage and feed the creative thought process, incorporating differences in approach while responding as a group. The work, though diverse, is recognised as a whole under the gallery light.

    Runs October 8-14, 2009
    Private view October 8th, 19:00

    214 Brick Lane
    London E1 6SA

    Liverpool Street Station, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel tubes
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