Millie Burton & Kelly Hill in Itchy Scratchy

    photo by Millie Burton

    “I think of it as the picture/s that you print up, just to a small working size, to get a look at. The ones that interest and trouble you because there is something that you don’t fully understand about them, as if you unconsciously did something. These pictures seem to signpost a new direction in a photographer’s practice, they are transitional pieces, and precursors to a new phase or project. I think all the best photographers have the guts to move beyond the pictures they already know they can make, and spend time with the itchy scratchy pictures to work out what comes next.”
    Charlotte Cotton

    photo by Kelly Hill

    Itchy Scratchy is an exhibition of photographs. The title is taken from this quote by Charlotte Cotton, where she describes the pictures which break photographers out of familiar ways of working. The exhibition affirms the role that happy accidents and epiphanies play in creative activity.

    Itchy Scratchy was initiated by photographer/writer Jason Evans. All exhibitors have been invited to submit a digital file of an itchy scratchy image in a uniform size, to be reproduced on matt paper using an inkjet printer. The exhibition features a broad range of photographers from the emerging to those of international repute.

    Visitors to the exhibition are able to purchase a raffle ticket. At the end of the show a draw will determine who has won which unique print. Proceeds from ticket sales will support the realisation of future exhibitions at Permanent Gallery.

    Itchy Scratchy photographs will be viewable at soon. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase from the Gallery (during opening times, and from the gallery website, as of Friday 2nd October. Raffle tickets are £50.

    Exhibition runs October 3 – November 11, 2009
    Private view October 2nd, 6.30-9.30

    Open Thurs/Fri/Sun 1-6pm, Sat 11-6pm

    Permanent Gallery
    20 Bedford Place
    Brighton BN1 2PT

    Top photo by Millie Burton, 2nd by Kelly Hill