Kelly Hill in A Distance Between

    photo by Kelly Hill

    Kelly Hill exhibits in this group show curated by Olivia McGilchrist and Julie BalaguĂ©. The point of departure is the French student’s project entitled: ‘Entre’ (in between) that was created for the 2008 European month of photography. Each photographer met a European subject who left his or her country to come and live around Paris. These meetings developed into photographic commissions; each photographer being responsible for making images that represent one element, a place, or another person, close to the exiled individual. This project reflects on the ideas of exile, distance, absence, memories and nostalgia. By questioning the notion of a European becoming an exile on his own continent, they are also questioning the notion of European identity, through photography.

    The UK students have reacted to the original project in a variety of ways. The work is both reflecting on personal stories, as well as exploring other people’s experiences by questioning accepted ideas of national identity when living abroad, personal security, political freedom and the historic authenticity of the British landscape. Inspired by their personal answers to the ideas evoked in ‘Entre’, the work produced attempts to contextualize European identity from a UK perspective. A Distance Between aims to create a platform for the photographic image as a valid vehicle to question, communicate and debate the multiple facets of European identity.

    Runs October 25 – November 6, 2009
    Private view Saturday, October 24th, 7-10pm

    Pebbledash Gallery
    2 Leswin Place
    London N16 7NJ