Karolina Maria Dudek: The Great Harmony- Diversion

photo by Karolina Dudek

Photography has an endless potential to explore questions about us in relation to the world around us and in our relations with other people. The space surrounding us highlights the most extraordinary truths about who we really are. Working on her new project Karolina Dudek has explored the terms in which she can identify the relationship between humans and nature. The project ‘The Great Harmony- Diversion’ is a vision of world without humans present. Nature is in some way attacking the space, normally occupied by us. This installation depicts an ordinary domestic space, where the house remains a totally forgotten space without any individual mementos. In the space that is void of life nature has found a way to flourish.

Karolina is creating new possibilities for her work by combining installation and photography. She wants to engage the space in the same kind of reality that she presents in the photograph. There is a continuous narrative running through the photograph and installation. She explores the unique ability of photography to be seen in both realistic and allegorical terms, communicating its message by means of symbolic representation of a memory or a feared possibility.

Runs October 22 – November 5, 2009
Private View Thursday October 22nd, 7-11pm

Open every day till 11pm

The Bunhouse
96 Peckham High street
London SE15 5ED

Peckham Rye tube or Buses 12, 171, 36, 68, 453, 78, 343,