Mark Denton in 5×4: Amazing Grace

    Could a photograph ever possess a beating heart? Could it pulse and flow, absorbing the viewer in love, ecstasy, grief, or pain? Could a photograph change you? Could it change the world? Can the medium ever transcend itself? Or are photographs and their creators always destined to be rooted in the real, the here and now, unable to take flight into the abstract, always grounded by paper, chemicals, glass, light, and time?

    Mark Denton exhibits along with four other photographers over four days at the Rag Factory. Part of Photomonth 2010.

    Runs October 28-31, 2010
    Private View October 28th, 6:30-9pm

    Open daily 12noon – 10pm

    The Rag Factory
    Apricot Gallery
    16-18 Heneage Street
    London E1 5LJ

    Shoreditch High Street rail, Aldgate East tube