Nick Cobb & Graeme Webb: The Constructed Image

    The Photography of Nick Cobb and Graeme Webb: Two artists come together to showcase their diverse and individual approaches to photographing the miniature, from dystopian office parks to the surreal hidden worlds of ruined buildings.

    Nick Cobb is a London based artist with a studio in Camberwell. He teaches art and photography to both children and adults. For the last four years he has turned his attention away from abstract painting to photography and model making. Amongst his influences: J G Ballard

    Graeme Webb works as a consultant in video post-production, he returned to still photography in April 2009 after a long absence. The constructed images are built from the ground up using standard model making materials and photographed with a digital SLR and an 18mm lens. Amongst his Influences: Stephen and Timothy Quay, Jiri Barta

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    Supported by 4D Model Shop

    Runs November 3-14, 2010
    Private View Sunday, November 7th, 12:00pm

    Open Mon-Fri, 9:30-5:30pm; Weekends 12-4pm

    Photography@Linear House
    Linear House, Peyton Place
    London SE10 8RS

    Greenwich main line and DLR