Peter Moseley: Volte-face

    ‘Volte-face’ or ‘a gaze returned’ – Portraits by Peter Moseley

    It’s well established, though perhaps rarely accepted, that representations of the outside of a person tell you nothing, for sure, about their inside – not their character, their proclivities, their past, their personality, or even their sex. But that’s never prevented portraiture from being one of photography’s most popular genres, nor stopped us from trying to put a narrative to every face we meet.

    The anonymous subjects in this exhibition positively invite such participation. There is a need to construct biographies and purpose – in a real sense, these are our stories, not theirs.

    The portraits are presented through some of the key photographic processes of the past 150 years: intaglio gravures, carbon and platinum prints, cyanotypes and contemporary digital giclée. Prints are displayed unglazed to allow for close scrutiny of their surfaces.

    Runs November 23 – December 10, 2010
    Private view November 22nd, from 7:00pm
    Sunday afternoon talk and discussion about the exhibition: Nov 28th, 2:30pm

    Gallery 1885
    The Camera Club
    16 Bowden Street
    London SE11 4DS