Izzi Ramsay: Hauntings: Mediating Media

    An installation of images of the faces of statues from ancient times. Images are printed onto fine transparent film and impressed onto the bark of trees, giving the viewer the notion that she might be seeing things. The impermanent nature of the materials used in the installation echoes the shifting and impermanent state of our existence. Through acts of remembrance Izzi aims to jolt the viewer into experiencing an uncanny, even ghostly, moment – of recognizing connections with present experiences and with our ancestors, both acknowledged and unacknowledged. From such moments, one returns to the everyday unaware perhaps that one has been haunted.

    Runs August – October, 2011
    Open during house open days – See website for details

    Borders Sculpture Park
    The Glen
    Mellerstain House
    Gordon, Berwickshire
    TD3 6LG