Bill Jackson: Cabinet Of Curiosities

    Bill Jackson’s new solo show “Cabinet of Curiosities” brings together three sets of work: “Head”, “Imaginary People” and “Relics”. Each project asks questions about the limitations of photography and specifically how the line between photography and other art forms, in particular sculpture, is being blurred in contemporary photographic practice.

    Bill’s primary concern is to explore the idea of the photograph as an object, by turning the medium on its indexical head. In effect, subverting the idea that photography is by its nature documentary. Drawing his inspiration from his own museum of curios Bill re-presents his collection of artefacts and objects as new ideas constructed for the camera and so produces transformative moments that are expressed originally in each photograph.

    Runs 5-30 October, 2011
    Private View 4th October, 6.30pm

    Open Monday – Friday, 11am – 5pm (ring the bell)

    The Front Room Gallery at Troika Editions
    96 Farringdon Road
    London EC1R 3EA

    Nearest Tube Stations: Kings Cross, Farringdon Road & Chancery Lane