Yas Crawford in Photography Now Group Exhibition

    Blood, Cells and Neurons’ examines Post-Exertional Malaise or PEM as it is more familiarly called. It is the extreme exhaustion, pain, cognitive networks and deficits that present after exertion in M.E/chronic fatigue syndrome patients with an extremely slow return to baseline. The return could be as long as one day, weeks or months. It’s as if the blood cells become frigid and the cellular function is unable to process oxygen in the normal way.

    The series intertwines the micro and the macro, the internal and external human landscapes. The mapped landscape revealed in the images acts as a vessel to transport the science in a certain time, creating a safe place for the viewer to absorb the information.

    Runs: 4 November – 23 November 2020

    Private View: tbc

    Gallery: Brick Lane Gallery Annexe, The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, London. E1 6HR

    The exhibition will be held in either the Brick Lane Gallery or the Brick Lane Gallery Annexe, tbc.