LIP 33rd Annual Exhibition – Life Goes On

The beauty of LIP is the diversity of approach its members have towards photography, from award winning professionals to keen amateurs. We have all been through an incredible period for more than a year, never before seen during peacetime for the last hundred years. Our approach to photography has been impacted as well over this period so we share the same feelings as everybody else. We feel a special sympathy for any members who have experienced Covid and especially for those still suffering or living with long Covid side effects.

We are very sure that during Lockdown most people weren’t able to express themselves properly in their approach to the photography, because of the restrictive measures that were in place. Even now many people are still reluctant to go in crowded places because of the still existing risks. Last year the theme of the exhibition was LIFE UNDER LOCKDOWN. We thought for this year to name the 2021 Annual Exhibition: LIFE GOES ON.

For LIFE GOES ON there is no specific theme but we want everybody to present their approach over this period, when you were again able to release your creativity: maybe in spaces that had been closed; or people you didn’t meet; or places you didn’t visit; or maybe a specific emotion that you captured. Perhaps during this time you have been able to experiment with methods or techniques that you had not done before. The only requirement is that photographs submitted must have been created on or after 1st of November 2020. We want submissions to show how you adapted your approach to photography and released your creativity while living with Covid-19 then followed by some inspiring examples?

What does Life Goes On mean for you?

Kind regards,

LIP 33rd Annual Exhibition Selection