Ray has been taking photographs for over four decades. Most of his images are of humans in one form or another, such as his latest book Breathing which features 100 art nude photographs. Many of the images in this book show the human form as an element of nature, because Ray seeks to show “the connectedness of all things and the miraculousness of life in the context of a cold, hard universe.” Just to break the pattern of focusing on people, Ray’s other recently published work involved photographs of flowers, in the magazine Black and White Photography. Ray is currently working on a project to photograph shop assistants of London.

Ray’s website


  1. Carole’s photographs are like a visual mantra, each one connecting me to the power and awe inspiring wonder of nature.

  2. Superb work! Ilove the abstracted qualities, the fine consideration of lines and shapes. These images provide a fresh perspectives within a well travelled genre. That in itself is quite an achievement. I particularly appreciate the way some of the images defy clear certainties of scale, enhancing our sense of wonder at the micro and macro worlds we live in.

    Congratulation, Carole!

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