Drawn from the peripheries of our everyday surroundings, my images try to explore illusions of appearance and space via juxtapositions and various degrees of abstraction; in between the transparent and the opaque, the gestural and bold, the strange and the familiar.

Originally from Vienna, Austria, Krystina has adopted South London as her permanent home.

She holds a BA Hons. in African and Asian Studies, and a BA Hons. in Fine Art. She works with SLR digital cameras.
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  1. I raced through the photos exhibited here and my first reaction was ‘weird’. It reminded me of those so-called art installations that can take on so many different meanings that in the end become meaningless, vacuous.

    But after reading her impressive interview I get a better handle on her work. Yes, there is form, symmetry and meaning in Krystina’s work, much of it depressing, because urban decay is dispiriting, but it’s also challenging in a mischievously inspiring way – what is heaven’s name are those loops/nooses meant to convey in exhibit 2? I am forced to engage, but I am too lazy to and I don’t like it! But keep challenging us Krystina – it’s good, ultimately, for the spirit.

  2. Krystina, I have been following your images on flickr and have now found this site. Unlike Sasha, I found this to be stimulating and informative. Not knowing your background, the text helps me to understand and correlate these and other images previously admired. The developing view rounds out your detail, texture and concentration – of the minutae in surface, shade, light and patina.

    I aspire to your mantra- to know ahead would impose restrictions, imbred preconception and perhaps miss opportunity to further unfold the subject. To find magic in the mundane, the uqly or the normalcy of everyday is a difficult task requiring rigour and committment. I applaud your success in capturing this ‘other’ or the ‘magic’, which most would pass in their hurried rush to live life.

    The moment of joy with your work comes after rereading and decoding, and the final recognition, as the view has shifted slightly left of centre, to now present something very different or previously “unseen”.

    Your success here is in the touching of my senses through the slight nuances and imperfections rather than any grand gestures.

    Wonderful work, Krystina and inspirational to my journey.

  3. Thanks, this was really fascinating and informative, it gave me a very interesting perspective on photography. I loved the photographs!

  4. Fresh, creative and inspirational work. A photographer/artist who has found her eye. A direction for all photographers to aspire toward.

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