Oxygen Ib is from the series: Mapping I, which mapped the current UK research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it is more familiarly called. With this image I was a finalist for Royal Photographic Society Science Photographer of the Year 2019. The image was exhibited at the Science Museum London from November 19- January 2020 and is now on an international tour.

I was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the arts, it’s geological landscape and biological make-up have it seems, subliminally seeped into my being and heavily influence my work. I have worked as both a scientist and an artist and now work in the ‘Grey Space’ the space in between those disciplines. This adds a cohesiveness and curiosity to my image-making. Working collaboratively or simply creating my own projects often reveals layers of research intertwined with the landscape. The mapped landscape revealed in the images acts as a vessel to transport the story in a certain time and place communicating the ambiguous and unknown and creating a safe place for the viewer to absorb the information. https://www.yascrawford.com