I am a London based amateur photographer who has a passion that spans many genres. Recently I have focused on Abstract and Street Photography, whilst remaining faithful to my first love of Black & White capture. I am a member of the Crouch End LIP. Instagram: marco_ruggeri2019 marcoruggeriphotography.com

For me, photography is finding a new way to look at something, seeing it in a new light, seeking a new angle of something that I may see every day. Photography is my art, it gives me a chance to explore new places and discover the beauty of the thingsContinue Reading

Although primarily a specialist print consultant, I have over the past year or so elevated my interest in photography into something more serious and have already published my first book. This has been nothing short of revelatory and tremendous fun and I hope that through my association with LIP IContinue Reading

Chris is a self-taught photographer. His interest in photography originated from a desire to record his handmade furniture and his wife’s textile artistry. At first, the images relied on advice and inspiration from books, talking to other photographers and feedback from the local photo lab, as well as lots ofContinue Reading

Previously a sports and celebrity sportsperson photographer but now I prefer people, humour and surreal images. I like photographing unusual people, who generally like to be noticed.

I stumbled across the Ealing group of LIP at an exhibition and have loved being a member since. I explore light, patterns and love to capture fleeting moments of beauty in every day life. Jonny’s webpage

Mike Cookson photographs an eclectic mix of landscape and cityscape. London based, he travels extensively and has a particular love of the coast – the South coast of England and in particular the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland. He has been a member of LIP for many years andContinue Reading

I am an amateur photographer born and raised in London of Jamaican parentage.  I am a creative currently studying photography at City Lit and a member of LIP and Lenses of Croydon photography group. I am a member of the LIP Film and Darkroom group My interests are in street,Continue Reading

Having fully retired I am now able to completely immerse myself in my passion for photography. Though a recent bout of ill-health has kept me under ‘house arrest’. A perfect opportunity to indulge yet further my love of flowers and attention to the detail which I see through the viewfinder.

I live and work in North East London. I have been a practising fine artist for over twenty five years with a long exhibiting history. In 2014 my first book A Toby in the Lane, A History of London’s East End Markets and was published by the History press. AlthoughContinue Reading

My photographic interests are hospitals and remote wild places. I have had several solo exhibitions of my hospital work and provide the Royal Geographical Society with images of wild places. I am also a member of the RPS Contemporary Group. Carole’s website

I am a London-based photographer, specialising in portraiture and social documentary. After studying Graphic Design at the University of Ulster, I got my first job as an art director and swapped the blitz of Belfast for the glitz of London advertising. Working in numerous advertising agencies over the years, I’veContinue Reading

I started my photography career as an assistant straight out of college. When I went freelance as a photographer I shot advertising for about ten years. I owned a studio for a few years after that shooting portraiture and now mainly shoot corporate events and conferences. I like to shootContinue Reading

Since 2006 I have been a photographer based in London specialising in portrait photography. My clients are often musicians, actors, models, business people, and families. Anyone who needs professional photos to represent themselves. I also teach photography with a company called 36exp; mainly studio and location lighting techniques. Andrew’s website

Gordana Johnson took up photography as a teenager in her native town of Split ( CRO ). Then, her main interest in photography was portraiture which brought her the first awards. Being a Londoner, she has broadened her interest and she photographs whatever she finds exciting.

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His work is inspired by time, space and the Cosmos, and within this vastness, human experience and perception. There are influences from abstract impressionist and conceptual art and surrealism. After a long career in engineering and management he studied photography arts at theContinue Reading