I’m interested in wildlife, art/documentary photography, human nature and the relationship we have with the natural world. My aim is to collaborate these interest to create images that not only reflect on human experience but to ponder the world that we find ourselves in. 

I was born in Brighton and now live in west London. Observing people is what I enjoy doing; ordinary people going about their day-to-day business… on the street, in cafes, on public transport – and at the seaside. I rarely have any interaction with my subjects, preferring to seek outContinue Reading

I am a Visual Artist, Photographer, and curator based in Bath, UK. My art practice explores our relationship with our environment and how it can impact both our mental and physical wellbeing. As a photographer, I undertake documentary and portraiture commissions. My artwork has exhibited nationally and internationally. I haveContinue Reading

I’m what is left of a journalist. I’ve spent my life describing events, things and people in words. What I like most about photography is that it allows me to capture in a visual way my emotions about what I see around me. So most of the time the pictureContinue Reading

Travel and portrait photography are Dan’s interests and skill combining the two to tell stories or portray alternate realities. Commercially he enjoys doing family and as well as business portraits particularly when the individuals are in a point of transition Dan’s website

I am an amateur photographer born and raised in London of Jamaican parentage.  I am a creative currently studying photography at City Lit and a member of LIP and Lenses of Croydon photography group. I am a member of the LIP Film and Darkroom group My interests are in street,Continue Reading

“I took up photography in 1992 and became a member of LIP in 1996. My preferred photography is landscape and the built environment.”

I’ve been taking photographs continuously since I was a child. I studied art at Harlow College and graphic design at the RCA. My photographs are random and personal, adding purpose to my love of strolling around London and other cities around the world.

Ray has been taking photographs for over four decades. Most of his images are of humans in one form or another, such as his latest book Breathing which features 100 art nude photographs. Many of the images in this book show the human form as an element of nature, becauseContinue Reading

I was a documentary photographer for 25 years. I am now retired as a professional photographer, but photograph for myself. The photographs shown here are from my current project on shop windows.

Gareth specialises in panoramic imaging, an interest first started in 1995 using a Russian swing-lens camera and then extended this by building a rotating 360° camera in 1999. Gareth continues an exploration of panoramic imaging, for its more familiar pictorial uses, as well as opening up less conventional slitscan applicationsContinue Reading

I first fell in love with photography on an inherited Kodak Box Brownie as an eight year old in the 60’s. The relationship has continued through various film and then digital cameras, now a Sony A7R2 often with my old Olympus lenses attached but mostly I walk around with aContinue Reading

My photography stems from a fine art background, particularly that of painting. Whatever the subject, composition is important to me. My macro subjects are selected for their painterly qualities and aim to produce something not seen before. My more representational images of the world aim to either capture beauty orContinue Reading

Astrid is a London based freelance photographer specializing in documentary and portrait photography. Her assignments are predominantly within the editorial and book-publishing sector as well as charity / Non-Government Organizations, but she has just set foot into the commercial market. Astrid was born in Germany but is based in London,Continue Reading

I am a self-taught IT professional who has only recently approached photography as a hobby. When away from the keyboard I like to walk the streets and produce candid exposures.

David Locke is a professional photographer in London specialising in portraits, headshots, events and retouching. David co-owns Headshot London photography studio which hires a number of photographers based across the UK, specifically Brighton, Northampton and Bedfordshire. Having many years of experience in the industry his work is frequently featured acrossContinue Reading