I’m a 22-year old with an old Minolta. I chose film photography because I like the way in which this outlived technology makes me think twice before capturing a scene, and makes it all the more precious to me once I do. I like the way film is teaching meContinue Reading

I am an amateur photographer, I have been passionate about photography for years. I love being able to save a moment in time forever and create memories. I love travelling and discovering what the world has to offer. This photo was taken 2 years ago in Thailand and I fellContinue Reading

With an MA in Photography Art and MSc. in Electron Microscopy, Jan has been drawn to explore small objects with huge cultural significance. His “Lost Futures” project shone a light on cultural ghosts by capturing exquisite classical figures from antique silver coins which represent lost utopias.The figures were printed andContinue Reading

I’ve been taking photographs continuously since I was a child. I studied art at Harlow College and graphic design at the RCA. My photographs are random and personal, adding purpose to my love of strolling around London and other cities around the world.

Eva is a lens based artist. Her work is informed by the built environment. With her work she aims to alter our view of the ordinary by emphasising its creative essence, adding a new visual experience by shifting our awareness, so that we notice what often goes unnoticed. The photographicContinue Reading

Born in Germany and brought up in Scandinavia I have also lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Paris. I worked as a sign writer for many years using computers before being retired. However, photography has always been a passion of mine. I’m interested in shapes, angles, reflections, abstracts but haveContinue Reading

Daniel is a British Fine Art / Fashion photographer. His work often depicts the emotional rather then the literal. A lot of the work contains slowly disturbing, domestic imagery, which runs alongside a conceptual element that informs the work’s sociopolitical viewpoint. The fashion work often goes against standard fashion imageryContinue Reading

For me, photography is finding a new way to look at something, seeing it in a new light, seeking a new angle of something that I may see every day. Photography is my art, it gives me a chance to explore new places and discover the beauty of the thingsContinue Reading

A self taught photographer of some fifty years I am drawn to various styles and interests including abstract, macro, monochrome and more recently street work. I search for the hidden details and using creative techniques try to uncover elements that might remain unseen. My website

I am an art dealer and have been an amateur photographer all my life. I contribute on a regular basis to one Flickr brief, SPNC, as ‘Renate’s Mate’ and other groups occasionally. I am a street photographer because I live in the centre of a city, but my images rangeContinue Reading

I am an independent, self taught, Spanish, Cuban-American artist, based in London. I move away from the contemporary need for conceptual meaning in art. This allows me to capture the abstract illusion of everyday life by emphasising the hidden vibrancy that surrounds us. I found a passion for the fusionContinue Reading

Since 2006 I have been a photographer based in London specialising in portrait photography. My clients are often musicians, actors, models, business people, and families. Anyone who needs professional photos to represent themselves. I also teach photography with a company called 36exp; mainly studio and location lighting techniques. Andrew’s website

BBC TV, London, 25 years. City & Guilds of London Art School Fine Art Painting Diploma course, 3 years full time. Now working as private art tutor and photographer near Cambridge, sometimes with references to traditional, often Victorian, painting, and my TV experience as studio cameraman and director. Anthony’s website

Emotions are essential to my creativity, and I pour them into artistic outlets. By making art, I am exploring my own story and experiences, making meaning of them, achieving some catharsis, and inspiring or comforting others. This is why my photography documents how I’ve felt while I was walking theContinue Reading

As a professional baby photographer I take natural lifestyle portraits of newborns, babies, children and their families. Much of my own work these days involves capturing everyday moments with my family through a photographer’s eyes, I also enjoy photographing nature, movement and macro details. Jenny’s website

I’m interested in wildlife, art/documentary photography, human nature and the relationship we have with the natural world. My aim is to collaborate these interest to create images that not only reflect on human experience but to ponder the world that we find ourselves in.