Daniel is a British Fine Art / Fashion photographer. His work often depicts the emotional rather then the literal. A lot of the work contains slowly disturbing, domestic imagery, which runs alongside a conceptual element that informs the work’s sociopolitical viewpoint. The fashion work often goes against standard fashion imageryContinue Reading

Peter Luck is a retired architect, now concentrating on documenting change in London and the lower Thames. This mostly means photographing things soon to be lost and sometimes, in another corner of life, trying to fight that loss.

Although primarily a specialist print consultant, I have over the past year or so elevated my interest in photography into something more serious and have already published my first book. This has been nothing short of revelatory and tremendous fun and I hope that through my association with LIP IContinue Reading

BBC TV, London, 25 years. City & Guilds of London Art School Fine Art Painting Diploma course, 3 years full time. Now working as private art tutor and photographer near Cambridge, sometimes with references to traditional, often Victorian, painting, and my TV experience as studio cameraman and director. Anthony’s website

I am a photographer living and working in London. My main preoccupation at present is the sea and in particular the edge where sea and land meet.

I first fell in love with photography on an inherited Kodak Box Brownie as an eight year old in the 60’s. The relationship has continued through various film and then digital cameras, now a Sony A7R2 often with my old Olympus lenses attached but mostly I walk around with aContinue Reading

I am a freelance photographer, photographing people and place. I like to have at least one active personal project going at any time. Currently I am working on a large-scale project called 4 x 4 x 4. It is an exploratory documentary-style project which sees me travel in four distances,Continue Reading

Emotions are essential to my creativity, and I pour them into artistic outlets. By making art, I am exploring my own story and experiences, making meaning of them, achieving some catharsis, and inspiring or comforting others. This is why my photography documents how I’ve felt while I was walking theContinue Reading

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His work is inspired by time, space and the Cosmos, and within this vastness, human experience and perception. There are influences from abstract impressionist and conceptual art and surrealism. After a long career in engineering and management he studied photography arts at theContinue Reading

Mieke is a Canadian and Dutch Fine Art Photographer, living in London. Her work questions relationships between humans and nature by challenging ideas of scale, distance and intimacy. Her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited internationally. You can see more of her work at https://www.miekedouglas.com/ https://www.instagram.com/miekedouglas/

A self taught photographer of some fifty years I am drawn to various styles and interests including abstract, macro, monochrome and more recently street work. I search for the hidden details and using creative techniques try to uncover elements that might remain unseen. My website

My work is a means to express the fragility and transience of life; a very personal response to recovery from illness in 2004. I work predominantly in wild open places such as the highlands of Scotland, New Zealand’s south island and around Camber Sands and Dungeness. Using multiple exposure andContinue Reading

Quentin was born in the UK but lived abroad for 25 years, mostly in the American Southwest, which he loves. This experience influenced his photography, which focuses on shape, form, texture and light. Quentin settled in London in 1992, and he conceived and managed the Countdown 2000 project. Quentin’s website

John has exhibited his photographs at Western Connecticut State University; University of Connecticut, Torrington; in several one-person shows at the Jasper Rand Museum, Westfield Athenaeum, and at the Samuel S.T.Chen Fine Arts Center, Central Connecticut State University. Briggs is the author and co-author of several books on chaos theory, fractalsContinue Reading

As a professional baby photographer I take natural lifestyle portraits of newborns, babies, children and their families. Much of my own work these days involves capturing everyday moments with my family through a photographer’s eyes, I also enjoy photographing nature, movement and macro details. Jenny’s website

Mike Cookson photographs an eclectic mix of landscape and cityscape. London based, he travels extensively and has a particular love of the coast – the South coast of England and in particular the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland. He has been a member of LIP for many years andContinue Reading