I live and work in London and started photography at the beginning of 2016 as a creative therapy to cope with my diagnosis of PTSD, I found I could hide behind the camera and help dismiss my social anxiety, and also give me focus away from my suicidal tendencies. MyContinue Reading

Cinnamon is a freelance photo-journalist, specialising in portrait photography. She had her first solo show, “HOMO SAPIENS, a collection of men”, at Portobello Gold, November 2000, and has 9 portraits in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection. Cinnamon is also studying a Masters degree at University of Westminster, and shooting privateContinue Reading

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His work is inspired by time, space and the Cosmos, and within this vastness, human experience and perception. There are influences from abstract impressionist and conceptual art and surrealism. After a long career in engineering and management he studied photography arts at theContinue Reading

I’m a Technology Architect and an amateur photographer living in South London with my family. I was born in India, lived in Eastern Africa and now settled in the United Kingdom. Photography is one of the ways by which I find a sense of completeness in my life. Landscape andContinue Reading

Ray has been taking photographs for over four decades. Most of his images are of humans in one form or another, such as his latest book Breathing which features 100 art nude photographs. Many of the images in this book show the human form as an element of nature, becauseContinue Reading

I live and work in North East London. I have been a practising fine artist for over twenty five years with a long exhibiting history. In 2014 my first book A Toby in the Lane, A History of London’s East End Markets and was published by the History press. AlthoughContinue Reading

I have two areas of focus for my photography currently: improving as a portrait photographer and archiving 100 years’ worth of my own and my family’s negatives and prints. shaunwaller.com

I am a midlands based photographer with connections in London and have lived in and around Sherwood Forest for almost all of my life. My main interests are the natural and urban landscape but will sometimes go into the street for events and demonstrations etc. My main project is entitledContinue Reading

I am a London based amateur photographer who has a passion that spans many genres. Recently I have focused on Abstract and Street Photography, whilst remaining faithful to my first love of Black & White capture. I am a member of the Crouch End LIP. Instagram: marco_ruggeri2019 marcoruggeriphotography.com

Amateur photographer for about 5 years. My image is from a series I have been working on  called Urban Extractions. My background is Fine Arts and my images I hope reflect that. the new images are approached as cubism. The subject is captured from multiple sides, then combined in Adobe PhotoshopContinue Reading

I have worked as a television cameraman for over 25years but always held an equal passion for the still image. Increasingly I find the influences in my images come from non-photographic artists. Duncan’s website