Daniel (b.1993 Medway, Kent) works with environmental portraiture, within the documentary practice of photography. Each of Daniel’s series works as a way of collecting a final portrait of the places and people he has met and grown around. Often creating visual pairs, he portrays stories surrounding the people photographed. StudiedContinue Reading

Chris is a self-taught photographer. His interest in photography originated from a desire to record his handmade furniture and his wife’s textile artistry. At first, the images relied on advice and inspiration from books, talking to other photographers and feedback from the local photo lab, as well as lots ofContinue Reading

Craig is a Glaswegian lawyer and photographer. Since moving to London and joining LIP in 2007, he has diversified his portfolio in social and documentary photography, shooting a number of high profile events including the 2009 Queen Charlotte’s Ball organised by the London Season.

I started my photography career as an assistant straight out of college. When I went freelance as a photographer I shot advertising for about ten years. I owned a studio for a few years after that shooting portraiture and now mainly shoot corporate events and conferences. I like to shootContinue Reading

My photographic interests are hospitals and remote wild places. I have had several solo exhibitions of my hospital work and provide the Royal Geographical Society with images of wild places. I am also a member of the RPS Contemporary Group. Carole’s website

I first fell in love with photography on an inherited Kodak Box Brownie as an eight year old in the 60’s. The relationship has continued through various film and then digital cameras, now a Sony A7R2 often with my old Olympus lenses attached but mostly I walk around with aContinue Reading

A passionate explorer, my photography has been a way of ‘telling the story’. Over the past 18 years my photography was mainly influenced by my human rights activities and travel experience and my wish to take the photo that tells the story of the people, their lives and their environment.Continue Reading

Nick is Welsh, old, lives in London and is working on a photography degree.

Anita is a London based photographer and her work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout London. Self taught but also studied photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. Her work has been featured in various creative magazines and book publications. Her work encompasses a varied range ofContinue Reading

I was a documentary photographer for 25 years. I am now retired as a professional photographer, but photograph for myself. The photographs shown here are from my current project on shop windows.

I am a British artist and photographer based in New York City. An Associate of Britain’s Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), I hold an MA in Photography (2005) and a BA in History and Media Studies (1999), both from De Montfort University in the UK. And it is primarily these disciplinesContinue Reading